About Us
Vigneshwer Moorthy
Co–Founder, Active Topicals
Active Topicals is an attempt to give our women the skincare tools to achieve the body that they desire and are confident about. It was conceptualised for every woman who wishes to take control over their body, using the best instruments that modern skin science has to offer.

-A vision from the Co-Founder

The Emotion
I love my wife so much, She is this tiny person (Literally. 5.3′ 45kgs) that you can miss in a crowd of 3 and this typical wallflower who is just happy to be chatting with her one friend the entire evening and who goes straight home from a party the moment she feels time’s up for bed.

The thing that made her so sure about what she wants, was her confidence. She dresses classily, sometimes a touch seductively, and owns herself with unmatched charisma. I adored this confidence of hers, I basked in it and I fed off of it, that made me this level headed, confident go getter that she is super proud of.
The Inspiration
6 years after we got married, We were blessed with our beautiful, beautiful boy. We both never knew there was so much more love to be had. But something had changed. My still extremely beautiful wife had lost her touch with herself. She felt that she had lost control over her body and that she did not look as amazing as before.

Despite all her efforts in the Gym and my constant approvals, the biggest concern of hers was her postpartum skin. She was super conscious and didn’t know what to do about it. She stopped dressing like her usual self, stopped moving around like she was the queen of the world. She was lost. And now it was my responsibility to get my dream woman back on her horse. To restore world order!

Being a huge skincare junkie myself and being friends with a quirky dermatologist helped. She always spoke science and the newest, newest tech was what her happiest arenas to explore were. The moment I told her of my plight, She knew exactly what to give my wife and ordered a bunch of face care products for her. “Face care for her body?” I asked. “That is what will work” was her reply.
The Spark
3-4 months of continuous use, one unsuspecting evening, we were getting ready for a night out, and she came out wearing this dress. This dress that takes my breath away every time she wears it. This dress that never saw the light of day or night for the past two year. She sees my jaw drop, With a slight smile and a wink asks me what’s wrong?. There, At that moment I knew it. My wife was back. The whole evening I couldn’t stop staring at her.

At some magical moment during that entire evening, it clicked.

Why is it that women who want to take control over their body skin, not given the necessary tools to do so? What if every woman who wanted to achieve their dream body, could also achieve their dream skin to go with it? How am I going to give these women, the power to #seizeyoursexy?
The Science
We have been testing, dumping and testing again. We hired radical thinking scientists and formulators who weren’t afraid to unlearn, experiment and relearn. We have been exploring the bleeding edge of skincare tech and trying to implement safe, yet super effective, hyper active skincare for our women. After 2 year of all out chemistry, here we are

Get ready to take control.