in 5 weeks

"I have been using the Retinol Body Lotion for 5 weeks,  the elasticity and bounce in my skin is definitely improving and I am not bruising quite as much as before"

-Sheetal Prashanth

In Few days

“Moisturizing and non-greasy. Great for dry eczema-prone skin, with the rash disappearing in a few days. Ceramide Body Lotion does not have a scent.”

-Maya Mathur

Locks in Moisture

“Gifted Retinol Body Lotion to my mom who suffers from severe dry skin. The prescribed lotions were all too greasy and she never enjoyed them. She seems to love this. Her skin has never been this well just because of her consistent use.”

-Shreya Gupta


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Get brighter, tighter and healthier skin with Retinol (0.2%) Body Lotion.

Rejoice in rejuvenated skin with Ceramide lotion’s multiple layer moisture lock.